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24th Jan2016



14th Nov2015

System Reboot 2015

SYSTEM REBOOT_ Hello to all, welcome back to genuineindividual.com where I, your host, BassGeisha will be showcasing hot new music, videos, artwork and pretty much anything else...

31st Dec2013

Instagram found: Inspiration

Note 2 blog test Inspiration from Instagram! I screenshot a lot on the app, heres some eye candy:

31st Dec2013


No time to actually do anything so here’s some doodles :]   Speaking through words @bassgeisha.instagram

05th Nov2013


Art, EDM Inspiration (no tag experiment) All are links, just click to view details! OGI is the latest signing to Skrillex’s OWSLA label. The London based act...

18th Oct2013

October 2013 – Had to. Chick x Beats.

Welcome to the October Had To. You are about to experience chicks.. and fresh new beats. dirty beats. Please click on the artists’ links to show your...

29th Sep2013

September 2013: Fresh Art, Dubstep, Trap, EDM & more

What’s up Gen Inds I’ve got a ton on my plate, working two jobs, but here ya go, some fire tracks and mixes and sick artwork!!!  ...

30th Aug2013

Ocean Breeze Digital Ray Uptown “Language Barriers” e.p.

Ocean Breeze Digital Artwork for Ray Uptown’s Language Barriers E.P. Buy Now on juno.com! FREE DOWNLOAD! Right click and save-as for 1920×1080 pixel widescreen – high resolution...

28th Aug2013


      new HxV! Heroes x Villains DOE B FEAT T.I AND JUICY J – LET ME FIND OUT OFFICIAL HxV REMIX Official Remix for Doe...

15th Aug2013

Dieselboy: projectHUMAN Multi / Dual Monitor Desktop – Wallpaper – Background

Hi Internets. What is up? I was up. It’s 4 AM and I just finished making this for you. Can we put it on the fridge?? I...