On Baltimore

So a friend of mine lives in Baltimore and shared with me that there were not-so-peaceful protests in the city.

I kind of went off about it, too. Rioting (for lack of a better word) solves nothing. If someone, you, a group of people, anyone–is upset about something as heavy as police brutality or corruption in the city government, use your freedom of speech and the freedom of press to bring forth change.

Reporters are there to investigate stories and media coverage is like a balancing factor that is able to hold public figures accountable. Just as our federal government here in the United States has a checks and balances system, so too do the civilians. Our freedom of speech and freedom of press has withstood hundreds of years of criticism and changes, and in fact relies on–feeds on–public opinion.

I’d like to make it clear that I believe the servicemen who used what was apparently excessive force should be held accountable for their actions, and corrective action be taken as deemed appropriate by a judge and jury. However, I will say I think it is absolutely ridiculous for ANYONE in the 50 states to think that they can just run from any government authority without expecting a pursuit. That is simply just ignorant.

Perhaps it is different in other countries where the cops may be eating their doughnuts or having their coffee and not seeing fleeing as a suspicious act worthy of investigation or pursuit. Maybe other countries have some really laid back regulations or codes of conduct. However, this is not how the United States operates, and every citizen should be held accountable for understanding WHY. The act constitutes a severe lack of understanding of consequences.

City, County, State, Federal government operations I will generally say are built by the people, for the people. I do not believe the policemen who severely misjudged the situation in Baltimore MEANT to kill a citizen. There’s probably some creed somewhere that places it all into fancy words but basically, they had no reason whatsoever (from my light understanding of the Baltimore situation in general) to kill a man just because he ran away from them. Our government is here to “serve and protect” in a myriad of facets of our daily lives. Rioting or violent action is not a solution to anything. Nothing. What does it solve? “Oh let’s burn a cop car and these buildings and steal and loot and attack what is essentially our own community because, fuck it! ‘Murica! THERE IS NO JUSTICE WITHOUT VIOLENT PROTESTING.”

Martin Luther King and the entire civil rights movement succeeded because of non-violent protests. History tells us of the highly explosive tensions during the civil rights movement…which was tempered only by persistence and peaceful protest.

I am also not saying that what happened in Baltimore should be ignored or pushed aside because a volcano erupted millions of miles away or just what have you. I am ranting about this because there is NO POINT to destroy your own community in reaction to a fucking mistake. Even if it wasn’t a mistake the protests have sparked full blown, on-going investigations as to what EXACTLY happened and why–and most likely have assured some sort of resolution for both citizens and servicemen. The protests have succeeded in garnering the media attention required to hopefully get to the bottom of things. But it isn’t the citizens rioting that are doing the productive work.  I think that last sentence basically sums up my rant, so I will end it here for now.

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