30th Jul2012

Feature: Transformers Dubstep Video and Mix by SaladUK

by admin
Transformers Dubstep 2 feat. SaladUK

Transformers Dubstep 2 feat. SaladUK

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Ladies and Gentlemen (or other alien life forms), I spent part of my weekend watching the last two Michael Bay Transformers moves: Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon.
A majority of this site is dedicated to music or art, and this….is a combination of both. (and just for fun, a downloadable wallpaper below)

Anyone in dubstep knows the cliche saying about “Dubstep sounds like Transformers Dying,” etc. Well, SaladUK has brought the rain, the pop culture…and the cliche to life.
I watched several related “Transformers Dubstep” videos, but NONE of them could hold a candle to this sucker 😉
Contact information is at the end, in the credits. I have several favorite parts, but one of my favorites is the classic scene of Ironhide rocket jumping over the girl around 3′:10″ from the first movie….and well..I’ll let you see the rest. I don’t want to provide any spoilers, but this video I feel has its place for its own post considering how well done it really is!
Hope you all enjoy 😉

From SaladUK’s soundcloudpage:

Download Link:

This is my audio mix of the tunes im using in Transformers Dubstep 2.

Track list (in order):
Torqux & Twist – Heavy Rain
Robodance – Polymorphic (Torqux Refix)
Symbiotic – Showdown
Ajapai – Detected
Noisia – Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik Remix)
Excision – X Rated
Alpha Centauri / X Rated (Mix)
Audio – Cybatron

Optimus-Prime-vs-Megatron-1280-1024- DESKTOP-WALLPAPER

Optimus-Prime-vs-Megatron-1280-1024- DESKTOP-WALLPAPER – Click for larger image

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