04th Jun2012

Showcase: RAW Thursdays Resident DJ Rischaad..Summer Sessions One

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RAW THURSDAYS Downtown Chattanooga, 409 Market Street, Drum and Bass, DNB, Dubstep, Breaks, Underground Dance Music, EDM, Chattanooga,TN

I’ll keep this short and sweet!

Every Thursday night the locals get together for RAW Thursdays at
Raw Sushi Bar and Grill
409 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Here is a taste of what you could expect to hear at RAW Thursdays:
Showcase for RAW Resident DJ Rischaad: Summer Session One

Resident RAW Chattanooga DJ Rischaad

Summer Session 1 by rischaad

More About RAW Thursdays

Usually cover is $5.00
Sometimes we have ladies nights! where ladies are free!
If it is a big big headliner that you would usually have to travel to a bigger/surrounding city to see, the cover charge at the door could go up to 10 or 15 dollars. I know for a fact that the promoter does not like to charge huge overhead #1 because I know him, #2 he is old school and throws these parties for the love of the scene and of the music!
$2.00 Pabst Blue Ribbon PBR at the bar all night
$4.00 well drinks

We are new and improved and UPSTAIRS!
Our dancefloor is bigger, we have a new lighting setup and a true dj booth (instead of just a table haha)
There are a ton of couches upstairs to the right when you walk in, and trust me, you can’t miss the dance floor or the bar!
On top of that the owner of RAW just upgraded our sound system!!
Downstairs occasionally I have seen a second set of DJs set up on the stage by the door. A visitor can travel between floors and reentry is allowed (in general)

Come out on Thursdays, (NOT TUESDAYS ANY MORE) if you want some serious Bass in ya face :)

To give you an idea of the XL amounts of fun we have, not only do we have amazing resident DJs, but most recently (as of this post) Cause 4 Concern (UK) was just up on the decks at our weekly!!!
It was amazing and I danced to the dirty “neuro”? DNB until I couldn’t dance anymore!!

All of the scene is super nice, most of us are old schoolers but we definitely have some new schoolers and are always ready to embrace newcomers into the scene.

So come on out!! I’d love to see you there!!


15th Feb2012

LEGION: Signal of Design Tour in Chattanoga 2/23/12

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Underground Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Dance Electronic Music!

LEGION: Signal of Design Tour Coming to Chattanooga, TN

RAW Thursdays Underground, Electronic Dance Music, Djs, Dubstep and Drum and bass

Okay. so, here I am with a just-completed-out-of-the-box-fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants GOTTA GET IT OUT TONIGHT …flyer!
I’m actually quite happy with this. I can’t drop all the details yet!
Come out to Raw Sushi Bar & Grill this Thursday to get the full flyer with event details and keep a lookout on facebook for an event page coming your way!

is their URL if you’d like to catch up on their unique sound.

Legion Signal of Design Tour in Chattanooga, TN at RAW Sushi Bar and Nightclub, 2/23/12

tease tease tease!! Keep a lookout on FACEBOOK for the EVENT page!!

Legion is a new outfit consisting of Advance, Hunter, and Black Sound Effects. Advance has had a long career in Drum and Bass with multiple releases for Renegade Hardware as part of Quadrant. In 2008 Advance stepped out on his own with a release for Dieselboy’s Human Imprint, which was also featured on Dieselboy’s most recent mixed CD, “Substance D,” and also completed a collaboration track with AK1200 and NC-17 for Trace’s DSCI4 Recordings. Hunter has been in the dance music scene for well over 10 years as a DJ, promoter, and professional sound engineer. He has worked in the studio with Impulse of Sinthetix/Corrupt Souls and Dylan from the Upbeats on unrelated material. Black Sound Effects has been doing Live PA shows for some time now dabbling in other genres of dance music, but his main focus has always been producing avant-garde Drum and Bass. Through a random chance meeting in early 2009 Advance met up with Hunter and Black Sound Effects and the trio hit it off immediately forming the group, Legion, and their own label, Sine Language Imprint.


Granted, if you like a quiet place to eat sushi and drink, don’t come upstairs to the Attic on Thursdays! 😉

What I can say is 21+ to party with ID. $5 laydies all night and $7 gentlemen’s admission 😛
Seriously, I wanna drop the lineup but it will have to wait until Friday.
I’ll try my best to update this blog by then, but at the very least, look it up on facebook events!!

I have so much that I want to write, and not nearly enough time to write it 😉

29th Sep2011

RAW Tuesdays: Underground Music in Chattanooga

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UPDATE! We have now moved our weekly to THURSDAY NIGHT! Check out the latest post here: Showcase: feat. Resident DJ Rischaad at RAW Thursdays

Raw Tuesdays

Tuesday nights at Raw Sushi Bar in Chattanooga, TN are starting to pop!
After you get a bite 2 for $20 at Sweet Basil on Brainerd Road, come downtown to Raw Sushi Bar for Tuesday night madness that is RAW TUESDAYS!!!

Several friends of mine have gotten together and started a weekly dj party at Raw Sushi Bar, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
The DJ scene in my “small” city has been fraught with difficulties. Namely the venues are to blame, but sometimes it is the scene kids too. Sometimes they just don’t show up despite your best efforts of having promoted a party.
With DJ Dara’s appearance at Sluggo’s in July (THANK YOU JAKE!), Chattanooga has been slowly moving upwards as a city with a not-so-underground electronic music scene.

Raw Tuesdays

If it weren’t for the DJ’s themselves loving what they do, I doubt there would be any scene in Chattanooga at all.
Recently, our scene here has been through a drastic change. and it came with dubstep.
To put it simply, to an outside viewer, the “old school” and the “new school” scene kids recently merged! It was actually quite a sociological study for me personally. Hearing the old heads talk about the good old days while making more memories with the newer crowd.

Turntables< I am an unofficial photographer of our scene. I love drum and bass music and dubstep with a passion that is only matched by my appetite for.... well chocolate I suppose. hahahaha no, no, make that sushi. In all honesty I doubt that I could actually compare my love of music to anything else. Dancing

I do know, however, that I will be at Raw on Tuesday Nights with my crew. There will be much Dnb, dubstep and not telling what else! Come out and see us!!

Raw Sushi Bar
409 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402-1204
(423) 756-1919