Official 2017 RELAUNCH

Hello and welcome readers to my official 2017 relaunch of Genuine Individual Art, Music and Tech blog. It’s been several years since I first started genuine individual and I am eager to get back to it.

There are several upgrades in the mix this time, including a responsive theme layout that should keep the site looking nice no matter what format or device you are visiting on– that being the biggest difference. What you are seeing now for the look and feel is definitely under construction. Below is a throwback screen shot of the old blog’s look and feel, and that is what I will pretty much be aiming to relaunch using this new layout.

imageI’m really excited to start sharing my art and music inspiration finds, I hope to bring more dynamic content and a consistently high quality selection of found artwork. I may have been gone from the writing scene, but I’ve guess I have several years to make up for in inspiration features.

Please be patient while I tweak and adjust the blog to look pleasing 😉 I will have to make sure my modifications to the layout do not sacrifice the responsive theme.

Anways, welcome back! I’m glad to be back and writing to you, world.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my new posts via social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Keep it fresh!


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